without a solid foundation, it is impossible to create anything of value

our Foundation

1. People

We understand that teams are made of people and skilled people collaborating with each other make effective and fun teams. We hire people who will make efffective teams and deliver quality work and collaborate with our partners and clients.

2. Communication

Clear and timely communication is the bedrock of every partnership. We are comfortable using different methods to communicate with our clients and partners. Chat, e-mail, audio and video meetings are all tools that we use to achieve our overall communication effectiveness. We firmly believe that being transparent and open in our communication with our partners and clients is a good thing.

3. Processes

The process followed by the team is what determines the quality and timeliness of it's deliverables. We have adopted and implemented industry standard processes and tools in all areas of our business to ensure that our partners and clients know what to expect from us at all times. This also ensures that our teams are on time with their deliverables and that our partners and clients are aware of the status of the deliverables.

4. Quality

We are very particluar about quality at Longbow. Be it the quality of communication, processes or our deliverables, Longbow follows methods to ensure that the quality of what we deliver to our partners and clients meets their expectations.

Free-To-Play is the most important disruption in the core video game business

Game Development Services

bring form to a nebulous idea and everything changes


Rapid prototyping of concepts by our talented in-house development team to explore product possibilities and set a solid direction for the product after eliminating risks and unknowns. We believe in testing and validating our hypothesis early on and our extensive experience with F2P gives us a wide array of tools and knowledge to be able to do this in an effective manner and identify and address risks early.

Complex product challenges call for high degrees of collaboration

Augmented development

Akin to consultants (or paratroopers, as we internally call ourselves) who can be “dropped” into a project at various stages to provide support to our partners. Our extensive expertise in mobile game development can help identify common issues with processes, tech stacks or tools and provide means to de-risk and support the core team in shipping their game and seeing it across the finish line.

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection

Full Game Development

We have extensive expertise with implementing Agile processes (Scrum) and tools, to achieve high development velocity. Our Full stack engineering expertise in server side and client side architectures help us avoid common pitfalls in game development. Our ability to provide accurate estimates of production timelines and technical risk assessment to stakeholders helps us deliver the game in the agreed upon timeline and budget.

ultimately, we want to make sure that the player gets their money's worth

Live Operations

We have extensive experience with live operations of games from major F2P companies across the globe. We have expertise in assessment of the current health of game and doing root cause analysis of potential issues along with proposing solutions. We have proficiency with integration of industry standard analytics tools used to support BI and product teams. We are experienced with implementing and operating A/B testing, user segmentation, events and other standard live ops tools.